Sunday, 1 August 2010

It has been an interesting week.
Getting into the swing of using the new studio layout has been more fun than I anticipated, then on Friday I moved back into Studio 1A after temporarily presenting from the all-new 1B.

With the studio I normally use all ready by late Thursday, I arrived at work on Friday morning with a note left to say that everything was ready.

Not only a whole new set of desks and screens, but the studio has been 'turned around' so that I am now facing my producer. This last week, James was the early producer, but from tomorrow Jenny has that honour and the misfortune of having to look at me through the glass.

It was nice to let the hair down (what is left) on Friday night when a summer party was held for all BBC staff. Don't worry, no licence fee payers' money went towards it!

It was something of a party weekend as Saturday saw the annual Fantasy Football barbeque and presentations.

Andy, one of my neighbours, hosts the party in superb fashion with great food and cold beer. Once again this season I did not trouble the awards, although I have won in a previous year.

But there was good banter among all the 'managers' of the teams in our mini league. Now the competitive element will begin again as we choose our teams for the forthcoming season.

When I got home, switched on the TV and was surprised to see the end of a programme about the guests of 'An Audience With ...'

Then I received text messages and there were Tweets as well saying I had been spotted on national TV.

Now, a few years ago, with fellow members of The Great Bruce Forsyth Social Club', I took part in 'An Audience With Bruce Forsyth'.

I went to the website and looked at the programme on the replay facility, and there we were. My hair was certainly darker in those days.

In the interviews, former MP Edwina Currie said nice things about us, but she did get our name wrong! I live in hope, but I am not expecting extra royalties dropping onto the doormat.

Hoping for as good a week on the radio as last week when international swimmers were among the guests. Also, it was good to see Michaela Breeze again before she goes to the Commonwealth Games. You may recall Michaela went through agonies at the Beijing Olympics when her back gave in during her weightlifting competition.

She is adamant she is retiring after the Commonwealths, although I tried my best to persuade her to carry on until the London Olympics of 2012.

All being well, Plymouth Argyle manager Peter Reid will be on the show this week giving his view of how the squad looks ahead of the new season which starts on Saturday.

I know he was watching our first opponents, Southampton, this weekend in a pre-season game. We can only wish him well for his first competitive match in charge of the team in our season after relegation.

Let's hope we are challenging to return to The Championship at the end of the season!

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