Tuesday, 24 August 2010

It has been a little while since the last blog, but life has been busy. The new football season has seen a return to rituals, updating stats after each game and preparing stat sheets for each commentary game.

With three league games played it's one of each - a win, draw and a defeat. Hopefully, manager Peter Reid is now getting a good idea as to what pleases him, things he needs to change, and business he wants to complete while the transfer window is still open.

He was in great form when we went head-to-head for 'Ready Steady Cook' as part of Flavour Fest. Peter teamed up with Chris Tanner while my chef was again Peter Gorton.

It was the seventh year of competition and I had a (not) proud record of played six, lost six coming into this year's event. The form book was true to its' word, although Peter (G) didn't help when he reached for caster sugar, but instead sprinkled cornflour on to my souffle.

Never mind his Michelin stars, TV shows and award winning food on his CV. I think Peter is the common denominator as my 100 per cent record was maintained.

I am also back in the swing with a 13th season of 'Green Barmy', the weekly retro themed column surrounding Plymouth Argyle. This season's theme is notable events off the pitch. I think with the history of The Pilgrims, I won't be struggling for subject matter to last me until early May.

'Good Morning Plymouth', my weekday show on BBC Radio Devon, seems as strong as ever. A great production team, lots of talking points and the movers & shakers of the city as my guests all make for what I hope provides plenty of interest.

But when we have a good interactive feature, I get a real buzz. This morning's worked a treat.

The culture minister, responding to declining figures in the use of public libraries, has suggested that the facility could be extended to supermarkets and even pubs.

So, in an unashamed pun fest, listeners came up with a great list of books that would be suited to reading in the local boozer. Here are the best:

From Beer To Eternity
An Ale Of Two Cities
Alice Through The Pint Glass
Bleak Public House
Rin Tin Gin
The Forsyte Lager
Whisky Galore
West Cider Story
London Pride and Prejudice
Huckleberry Gin
Stout of Africa
Olive and a Twist
Scotch for all seasons
War and Peanuts

Finally, look out for the 'bendy bus' that's on trial in Plymouth. If you see it on Thursday, you may find me behind the wheel as I have been invited to take it for a drive. I will see if I can drive it anywhere near a supermarket - should be able to fit a week's worth of groceries on board without a problem!

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