Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Chocolate town

Everything in Hershey is chocolate themed. Hershey street names, lamp posts that are shaped like Hershey's Chocolate Kisses - you can't avoid the reference to chocolate.

So, a tour of the chocolate factory and the tour of the Hershey estate was a must - as was the chance to make my own bar of chocolate.

Not only can you decide what goes into the chocolate bar (vanilla, sprinkles etc) and choose plain or dark but you get to design your own label as well.

It is suggested that it is eaten quickly as it may melt over 72 degrees - not good for someone living in and out of a suitcase at present.

On the subject of food, breakfast part of the B&B experience was amazing. Fruit, and to follow - a warm cinnamon cake. Then, something Peter Gorton - celebrity chef and regular on my show - would be proud of. Eggs presented inside layers of bacon to look like a flower - and REAL hash browns. Not that rubbish we get in England, but loose and without the casing.

After the chocolate factory, a visit to the nearby motor museum, and I had to get a photo of this beauty. Does anyone know if the city of Plymouth (the original) get any royalties from the use of the name?

Imagine my delight when I discovered that one of the exhibition areas is full of ... buses! It all got rather sad at the stage as I wondered how drivers spent so long in those old cabs withouth the aid of power steering. (Those who regularly listen to the show may recall I passed a challenge to learn to drive buses - and have the licence to prove it).

Seeing the Pennsylvanis Capitol Building in Harrisburg, where Senate makes its' decisions, and also the American Civil War Museum gave the opportunity to learn about American history on another busy day.

Thursday will see a long drive after a morning in Hershey - and following another superb country breakfast. I will be heading for Columbus as my journey continues west and into the state of Ohio.

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