Sunday, 11 July 2010

NYPD Officer confirms I am crazy

The thought of entering buildings to make use of the air conditioning, or being by the water, has been at the forefront of my mind to cope with the combined heat and humidity.

It was with that I aimed for The Rockefeller Center. I knew my fear of heights would be tested, but with stunning views promised I bit the bullet - and bullet would be a good way to describe the speed of the lift.

I was told it was fast, and within seconds the doors opened. I braced myself.

A uniformed attendant then told me to "step this way" for security. I was on the first floor.

Then, after passing through the bag check, came the bullet. Up 67 floors.
Looking across was fine, but looking down. I felt twinges in the stomach.

A strong coffee was needed after getting back down to earth.

From there I ventured down to the Staten Island Ferry and across to see close-up The Statue of Liberty.

The cool air off the Hudson River was wonderful and the Saturday afternoon throng of thousands of tourists clicking away at their cameras pointed not only at the famous landmark, but the incredible views of lower Manhattan across the water.

Sunday meant planning around The World Cup Final. I wish I hadn't bothered and read the reports online, such was the disappointment of what was supposed to be a spectacle.

At least I found a bar that I discovered would be showing the game - and they sell Bass on draught.
Before the game, some sighseeing in Times Square and Broadway ... and the comment from a female police officer.

I guessed it would be safe to change the lens of my camera while stood next to her, so that I did. Because of the lens I wanted to use for an idea, I pointed straight up to the sky, to try and centrally position all around me in the wide-angled lens.

I think I got the shot that I wanted, but noticed that the officer was staring at me.

"You taking a picture of the sun? Are you mad?"

I explained myself, and all was well. Not so stupid after all - well, maybe.

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