Thursday, 15 July 2010

A hot day on the road.

After another great breakfast at the B&B (Muffins, fruit and stuffed French bread with cream cheese), there was time to visit a couple of attractions before heading west.

First to the Hershey Hotel. Of course, built by the great Mr Hershey, but recently added to with around $60million dollars worth of extended facilities. The outdoor leisure park was something else. Wish I had my speedos!

The on to experience the history of the Hershey dynasty on an interactive tour with items that were out of this world as far as technology is concerned.

It was then on to the open road to continue west.

After a short drive on Route 22, Interstate 81 took me to the Pennsylvania turnpike and onto I76 then to I70. That was the road that would take me all the way to my destination, so I reckoned it was a good time to stop for coffee. As I crossed the state border into West Virginia, the speed limit signs were set at 70 - they had been 55 and 65 all the way to this point.

As I pulled into a rest area, the lady said it was free coffee, as it was the bottom of the pot. Where would you hear that in England? Of course, I left a good tip, and then returned to Interstate 70. It was then I realised a problem. Coming up to 5pm - rush hour - and road works had closed the road ahead.

All traffic was being diverted off I70 onto I470. But the diversion was three miles ahead and nothing was moving ... for ages. 45 minutes later, the traffic crawled to the exit for 470 - it was now rush hour and the temperature gauge rising.

Eventually, the traffic started to move a little quicker. I kept to the speed limit, but others flew past me. Then one car got stopped by the Highway Patrol. Pulled over and no doubt a big fine.

260 miles down and 120 to go, the boards on the side of the highway counted down the miles. When Columbus came into view it was a welcome sight.

Checking in at the hotel, found a great place to eat and then a bar for, what I consider, to be a well-deserved couple of beers - first in two days.

Tomorrow, a day to explore the rich history that Columbus has to offer.

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