Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Through rain storms and onto the pitch at the new Giants/Jets Stadium

Picked up the car from the rental dealer. On booking it was a Chevrolet or similar. I got similar.

But the Subaru has enough leg room and my luggage can get into the boot. Sorry, trunk.

Fighting my way through the New York traffic from Mid-Manhattan was an experience. Most drivers use their horns. I don't know why. I bet most of them don't know, either.

Then, the rain came. It was a heavy downpour that lasted a couple of hours. There was relief from that as I found my way to The Holland Tunnel to go through the Hudson Rover and into New Jersey.

The sights were quite amazing. All roads had surface water that was reaching the bumpers of cars. An 18-wheeler overtook me at speed an engulfed the Subaru in what seemed to be a tidal wave.

I saw a couple of cars which had seemingly cut-out with the water reaching up to engine level. As I flicked through the radio stations, one report stated that four inches had fallen in little more than an hour.

I navigated my way through the road works taking place in time for the opening of the New Meadowlands Stadium.

Seating 82,000, it will soon host its first game - a pre-season game between the shared occupants: The New York Giants and The New Jork Jets.

Then the season begins in earnest. But the big story is that before it officially opened, it was awarded the Super Bowl in 2014.

So imagine my delight when I was invited to walk across the pitch! The new turf was similar to a new carpet being walked on for the first time.

The drive that lay ahead would take me a short distance through Delaware before entering Pennsylvania and to my place for rest for the next two nights.

I had a reservation at a B&B. But I have never seen a B&B quite like this!

Between Hershey and Harrisburg with a postal address of Hummelstown, it is off a very quiet country road with stables across the way and so peaceful after the hustle and bustle of New York.

Frank, the owner, was on hand to welcome me at the end of a tiring day. He was certainly a sight for sore eyes after the rain and a long afternoon/evening drive.

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