Saturday, 17 July 2010

Columbus to Indianapolis

Interstate 70 West took me all the 160 miles from Columbus, and it was virtually a straight road all the way. It was getting to the point when I wished there was a bend in the road to add some interest to the drive, although it was an easy ride over very flat terrain.

Stopped at a rest area 20 miles from Indianapolis where a machine invites the user to push a button for a free map of the area. With the temperature touching 92, there was a little more freshness in the air today as I headed towards Indianapolis in the State of Indiana.

As I crossed the State line, it became apparent that the local authorities don't take kindly to driving offences, as can be seen in the photo taken in the downtown area.

Also noticeable was the amount of people walking around the city, much more densely populated than Columbus. But as I returned from an afternoon walk, the TV news revealed the reason why. Over 100,000 people had descended on Indianapolis for the Black Expo Summer Celebration.

I am writing this blog at 11pm, so imagine my surprise to learn of what happened 90 minutes ago just a couple of blocks away.,0,2573408.story

I had spent the evening in a nearby bar enjoying some good beer, nice food and great local music. A blues bar called The Slippery Noodle was recommended to me as a live music venue used by locals who are very knowledgeable about their music, and I soon got talking to some regulars who were only too pleased to talk about the acts that frequent downtown Indy.

At the time of writing, lightning can be seen in the distance. The teatime weather forecast was predicting - to the minute - where storms would strike. They were expected to miss Indy but were all around.

Just listening to the news channel. If the weather forecast wasn't good enough in predicting to the minute when certain towns would arrive, the weather man has revealed there has been over 7,000 lightning flashes around the city. I never knew there could be that many in one area in a short time, and never knew weather people counted them!

The hotel I am staying in is right across the road from the Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the Indianapolis Colts.

Already, a number of major sports stadiums have been seen on my journey, and tomorrow I will be visiting another that has its' own museum - and it has nothing to do with American Football, but a another sport that is legendary in these parts.

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