Monday, 12 July 2010

King Kong was here - 86 floors up

After the experience of the 'Top of the 'Rock, today was the day to go even higher.

The morning weather forecast promised temperatures well into the 90s, and I was hoping that the outdoor viewing platform of the Empire State Building would be a good place to catch a breeze.

Built in 1931 it is one of the most recognisable buildings on the planet, but there was no time to think about that as the left went up at an incredible speed.

With my slight discomfort of being at such a height, I waited a moment before venturing forward.

It was more than worth it, with the city skyline the subject of endless numbers of clicking cameras.

I have come to the conclusion that however much of New York City you want to see, not just in Manhattan but in all the boroughs, you won't have enough time - unless you live here. Never a dull moment.

Last night I walked from My hotel to Soho - a far trek that built up a thirst. Soho is a cosmopolitan area with narrow tree-lined streets, one of which was full of chess shops. I wondered why they were all together where any potential customer of chess boards, sets, tables etc could easily compare prices.

But that was of little concern to those playing on tables all the way along the pavement ... sorry, sidewalk.

Met an interesting guy this afternoon. Christopher Heywood is the vice president of NYC and company, the guys that look after with a whole host of ideas, traveller tips and a great knowledge of everything NYC.

So, tomorrow I bid farewell to The Big Apple until my flight home a week on Saturday.

I pick up my rental car and a very short drive to the New Meadowlands Stadium for a look around the new home of the New York Giants and The New York Jets.

Then its an afternoon drive of 160 miles to Hershey and my hotel for the next two nights at Harrisburg.

Wish me luck as I remember ... steering wheel on the left ... drive on the right ... no gearstick.

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