Friday, 16 July 2010

Gone to the dogs after a morning vodka

The day started well and my full day in Columbus, Ohio was fascinating.

Fantastic scrambled egg, Greek style, at a local eatery before a look around the city. Yes, it has skyscrapers but most of the city is low-level and very well spread out. It was also noticeable that, for a large city, there was no mad rush as everyone went about their business.

Visited a local vodka distillery with a difference, where the two guys who recently launched the business took a huge risk in that they had to have everything in place before a licence could be granted to distil.

Now, they have started producing OYO vodka, the name taken from the original spelling of Ohio.

I was asked if I wanted a taste. It would have been rude to refuse. But first, I had to taste a 'major brand' vodka, so I could then compare the locally made vodka.

I usually take vodka with lemonade, but as there was none on hand, I sampled the OYO 80% proof and it was wonderful! Even at 11am. I know a local bar that serves it, so may well head there tonight.

From there, to the sobering confines of the Ohio Statehouse.

I found it quite amusing that on the steps of this grand and historic building, lunchtime concerts are held on Fridays.

Inside are where all the big decisions are made, from where the elected speaker oversees order as the representatives from each county within Ohio discuss and vote on State law.

I'm not sure if any Senators would frequent the place I went to for lunch.

Most main courses are $3 (around £2). The place was full. Everyone having a good time as they eat real hot dogs from an expansive menu that contained all manner of sauces, pickles, meats and chilli to go over the dogs.

Could you imagine a Senator saying: "Just popping out to Dirty Harry's".

Elizabeth, the owner, runs three other eateries in Columbus. She is bringing good, old-fashioned food to the masses.

I opted for the dog called 'Whoa Nellie!

It was crammed with meat. There was a sausage in there, somewhere. But there was so much meat I could barely see the sausage.

I knew this was going to be messy if my untrained hands picked it up. I must have stood out like ... well, an Englishman in America as I ate it with a knife and fork.

During the afternoon, met a very interesting guy called Dan Dougan. Dan is no stranger to radio in Columbus and also has had a big say in promoting and staging music events over a considerable amount of time.

Could have talked with him for hours as we discussed great gigs, the hottest bands and also the very strong local music scene.

The day out was completed with a peek at the first purpose-built soccer stadium in the country.

Columbus Crew are still at the top of their division, despite a recent dip in form.

The Crew are the reigning league champions but need to get back to winning ways as they face 2nd-placed New York Red Bulls tomorrow, who could overtake them with a win. The big news is that The Red Bulls have just signed Thierry Henry. It remains to be seen whether he will make his debut in Columbus.

Much as I would love to see Columbus win, especially if playing against the cheating Frenchman (who had the audacity to claim a 'handball' against an opponent in The World Cup), I will be making my way to Indianapolis tomorrow - after sampling a night on the Columbus North High Street.

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  1. Sparksy
    Shame you aren't staying longer - I am a Brit in Columbus and would have loved to show you some more great places. I hope you got to try some Jeni's ice cream while you were in town. Enjoy the rest of you road trip.